City Invincible is grounded on fostering talented individuals whom are passionate about Architecture & Design.

Our Community

We have built a foundation based on mutual respect and trust which promotes our collaborate debates and synthesis of the best ideas.

Work-Life Balance

Our office prides itself on our ability to balance professional work with personal priorities. We continually bring our team together with various archi-tours, sporting events, golf outings and family events.


Our 'Next Generation' group is an integral part of our office where we nurture our future architects. The team actively forms study groups, organizes community service opportunities, and participates in design competitions.


The freshest ideas are collectively reviewed and then exhibited for firm-wide critiques and then implemented into our practice.


Our approach to sustainability is holistic and is embedded into our practice at all levels -- whether in our own office or in our latest project.


CI is always committed in expanding our connection to our local and larger community.