White Horse Village Dining Renovation

Edgemont PA

Mary Kay Burke, Executive Director

“Response from residents and families to the efforts of the City Invincible team has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The Process

The goals of the main dining renovation for White Horse Village was directed by the administrative team, dining staff, resident committee members with insight from a focus group of residents, were to provide a variety of upscale dining experiences through improved efficiency of service, made to order culinary options, flexible dining spaces and enhanced comfort and lighting.

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  • 9,060 sq ft
  • $1,823,800
  • $183.30 per sq ft


The Dining Room renovations at White Horse Village are the result of a four-year comprehensive campus master plan developed by City Invincible. The dining room areas are the second phase dining project (following the Paddock Grille renovation) for this 30-year-old community focusing on updating, expanding and diversifying its dining venues. White Horse Village is now setting the bar in life plan communities, where dining venues are taking on a true “hospitality approach,” where Dining is no longer just about the meals, but more about the whole dining experience.